George Sand

George Sand, mentor, friend and lover of Chopin, went to my school , St Augustine’s Priory when it was still in Neuilly near Paris. The nuns were very embarrassed when I discovered this in 1965 because they were so ashamed of her. Not only did she live with a man, she dressed like a man, and they couldn’t bear the thought.




 (They were also upset that we had to read books by that other female George, George Eliot ) but that’s another story. George Sand wrote an awful lot of books very fast so as to make enough money for her coterie of gentleman friends to live on. I read her autobiography when I was on my year abroad in Salamanca.  She didn’t waste any time. She used to write well into the night, churning them out one after another, but now they are all out of print, I believe. I did manage to  buy one recently in a charity shop and it’s an amazingly romantic and explicit bodice ripper. I wonder if anyone else has read any?


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