Stranger Danger part 3

I Bus diary  continued (1980 ish)

I did once invite a gentleman I’d just met on the bus inside the flat but it wasn’t a very good idea, as we’d already been for an orange juice (he drank coffee but I had given it up for Lent) and conversation was getting a little awkward though more fascinating moment by moment. He was half Indian, half Turkish, had a Polish girlfriend and a Polish landlord – of course – so could recognise what I had been reading.  (i wish i  Icould remember what it was )He also had a briefcase full of TS Eliot and other poetical works, I had observed, so again I was not amazed to discover he was a teacher, too. But then I began to feel, intuitively as yet, that the girlfriend might not be entirely happy, so I told him to go home. A little abrupt, perhaps, but honesty is the best policy – or is it my sheltered upbringing again? He did have a beautiful speaking voice, and if all other circumstances had been different, I might have been susceptible. As it is, I can hardly call him one of my bus friends, for he has changed his job and no longer uses this most sociable of routes. I suppose he was what one might term a pleasant interlude. Intelligent, interesting – but perhaps a little too intimate.

(Looking back I cannot remember what I meant.  Over the years I have given him the name Brian whenever I thought of him – which hasn’t been all that often.  No offence to any other Brians I may know!

4 comments on “Stranger Danger part 3

  1. Bas, Do you remember the guy we picked up in Paris,I think it was at Sacre Coeur, and we took him back to our Police protected flat( Ciocia Hanka’) in Rue Fortuny? Maja


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