Liberation-Russian Style

This book was published very soon after the war. My father Jan Wysoki gave it to me to read when I was an adult because he said it gave the truest account in English of his own experiences. I am going to buy another copy now because I tore bits out of this one when I was one, apparently. I remember being incredibly upset when I read it then, but also very 
 grateful to have some understanding of what he and my mother (Grazyna Lomnicka) had gone through(separately)

4 comments on “Liberation-Russian Style

  1. Looks like a fascinating read, Basia, so I’ve ordered myself a copy…and I love the postscript about Barbara’s behaviour as a one year old ;). Incidentally,1954 also happens to be the year of my birth 😉


  2. Yes, Basia, yizhivika is indeed a pseudonym, derived from the Russian word for blackberries ‘eжевика’…I’m actually English, but I studied Russian language (and literature) in London in the 1980s, hence my interest in the book that’s the subject of this post ;). Your posts are always interesting and well-written, and that’s why I return here often 🙂

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