Easter Sunday

Today was an extremely special day.Easter  by tradition has always been a moveable feast, but its moveability has rarely been decided by members of the general public.  There are patriarchs of the various branches of Christianity involved, and governments too.  But this did not interest us this year.  Officially Easter Sunday was a couple of weeks ago, but we couldn’t celebrate it with the family as we were invited to a friend’s birthday party in Oxford.  Of course we could have declined the invitation – yet we didn’t. Partly because I hadn’t realised the date – and partly, when I did, I thought it would not upset anyone.   How little did I understand about family tradition!

Anyway Hanka saved the day and invited us all for a traditional Easter Sunday feast. Originally I intended to post photos of all the delicious food, the eggs – especially the eggs – symbols of new life and rebirth- the cold meats, the cakes, the salads and herrings and that would have been that.  But when we arrived, Andrzej handed me a large flat present. Most unexpected.  This is not usually a time for  present giving. But I like presents so I carefully tore open the wrapping and to my most enormous surprise there inside was something I  have been wanting to find for over twenty years.  If you go back to my post Mothering Sunday, I wrote there an appeal for this very magazine.  I had no idea that it was called Everybody’s Weekly – apparently it folded in 1959 and I have never heard it mentioned in my life. But I am thrilled- absolutely delighted with the find. It seems that it became available on the internet  as it is the Queen’s 90th birthday soon – perhaps the seller thought it would make a killing!  I have no idea how much was paid for it- but to me it is priceless.

I used to ask my father and my mother which magazine the picture  was in.  They couldn’t remember.  They never kept a copy, only a torn-out centre page.  I had it for years until it just disintegrated.

I can’t imagine not keeping half a dozen copies – it was only four pence – I  know my parents were very poor at the time, but even so….

Context is everything, so I am glad I have an entire copy.  It is full of fascinating very un pc adverts and articles. The letters page especially is acerbic and not altogether kind.

but maybe more of that another day.  Thank you, Andrzej, for your patience and tenacity in finding this magazine!  My day is made!

6 comments on “Easter Sunday

  1. Great story, Basia :)…out of curiosity, I had a look on eBay for copies of ‘Everybody’s Weekly’ and found around sixty-odd for sale, including several 1953 Coronation editions, although none of the October 31st edition you’re holding in your hands. Given that you didn’t know the name of the magazine, I think Andrzej did extraordinarily well in finding you a copy of the very one you sought 😉

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