A Beautiful Bank

i wish i had the time to go

Hidden Within Plain View

After a tip off from my cousin and seeing the Londonist article: https://londonist.com/…/is-this-london-s-most-beautiful-bank, we went to see it for ourselves before it closes its doors for the last time on 14th August. As the name suggests, the bank is opposite the Law Courts, at 222, The Strand, the road that runs east from Trafalgar Square, past the north end of Waterloo Bridge towards the city.  The entrance lobby is completely tiled courtesy of Royal Doulton and the cavernous bank area, through fabulous wooden doors with brass furnishings, is lined with the most beautiful carved wood panels and tiles depicting flowers and historic figures. Photographs can’t do it justice (ha ha, no pun intended) and it is well worth a visit if you’re anywhere nearby. There is also a very lovely branch of Twinings next door, who, incidentally, were originally also bankers, cashing cheques for cash and making up the difference in…

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