Babcia Janina Kirschinger Wysoka

My grandmother was 21 here. Not married yet. In 1918 she married my grandfather who was 20 years older and already had two small children. His wife had sadly died soon after giving birth and he needed someone to look after them. She was the envy of her friends as she was fat and lucky to get a man after the ravages of the First World War
Here she was married after having had my father
In the garden of their new house in Lwow, Oficerska 8. My father, Zosia the maid, Waldi, my grandmother, Gusti
In the garden. This must have been taken by my grandfather. He was known to love his roses
On the balcony with my grandfather escaping the picture!
As a nursing sister win Penley Hospital after the war
With me when I was about 14!

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