Ode to Dominic

D is for Dominie, Scottish for master

              Also for Dashing – but not for Disaster

O is for Order, Overwhelmingly Organised

              Every plan neatly and beautifully realised

M is for Medicine when I’ve got a pain

              And Merriment and Marley and Music again

I is for Eye-catching – you’ve seen all the ties

              And also for Irony – he’ll tell no lies

N is for Never – Nothing’s too much trouble

              Whether moving old books or searching through rubble

I is for Intelligence, Innovation, In-your-face

              A teacher, in fact, with Ignition and pace

C is for Cross dressing, Cerise and Cigarettes

              Champagne on occasion and Christmas soubrettes

T is for Thank you, for biscuits and Tea

              For everything Dominic that you’ve done for me

R is for gRavelly, the voice of deep passion

              For Rhythm and Rhyme and Rapping in fashion

A is for Ardour for the subject he Adores

              For being Avuncular and Able and Always Assured

C is for Christmas and jollity and fun

              I’m running out of words for this son of a gun

E is for Everything you’ve done for us all

              It’s also for Elthorne – where you’ll have a ball

Y is for You, Dominic – go forth and enjoY.

BK – 22.7.99

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