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Life Through Basia's Eyes

“Do you like opera, miss?” is a question I was frequently asked by children in school whenever I put any classical music on for them to listen to. My usual answer was “Actually I don’t very much and anyway I am not asking you to listen to opera music.”

And it’s true – I don’t like opera music very much, but there are of course exceptions. I have discovered over the years that it pays to do some homework before you go.

When I was 21 I had my appendix out on New Year’s Day in St George’s hospital, Knightsbridge. Very glamorous outside, a workhouse inside. 40 women to a ward, a strict regime, and they kept me in for almost a week. No one worried about hospital bugs then. If you were a woman, it didn’t matter what was wrong with you – cancer, appendix, hymen resewing, hysterectomy (…

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2 comments on “Opera

  1. Hi. I’ve never been to an opera. Never have been crazy about most opera music that I’ve heard in passing on radio or TV. But once in a while I have heard operatic singing that really connected with me. Anyway, the price of your tickets was very good. Free.


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