A very pleasing number.

We were back in London, ready to go to Cookham for a VERY SPECIAL OCCASION. As usual I had managed to get a lot of the arrangements wrong, but we arrived early afternoon to find the house tidy after the eldest daughter’s sojourn therewith her young man. We had lunch together , Jacek went for a nap and I trashed the young couple at Scrabble. Oh, victory is sweet and I shall treasure the memory for a long time, as they are both keen and very experienced players. Though the vocabulary of Scrabble does not bear much relationship with the English language as most of us know it, I discovered.

Anyway, Jacek emerged from his nap and we all bundled into a cab to go to the Peking Inn, our local Chinese restaurant. Apparently it had been prearranged that when Kasia sloped off to powder her nose or whatever the euphemism is these days, I would go with her. Well, I forgot, and so I stayed. So the young man had to take his chance with my sitting there with a gormless grin on my face while he asked for her hand in marriage. As he was asking Jacek, I remembered I should not really have been there, but he coped. He also got what he wanted: her hand and any other bit he chose. No camels though. He was happy enough about that.

She came back and we told her the good news. And it really is good news and I am still, a week later, really excited. I hope they still are too.

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