1 Pangolin like vegetable.
2 Too much of this makes you weighty
3 Uncomfortable round your neck
4 omen
5 So be it
6 Its empire was over 102 years ago
7 Dawn
8 Friend of Gertrude Stein
9 Finder of lost things
10 The other book by Milton
11 The cruellest month
12. Friend of Louby Loo
13 she’s got a gun
14 Helen Sharman was the first British female
15 jelly
16 Wajda
17 Persian lamb
18 sickness on Mount Everest
19 what Lady Macbeth has too much of
20 and
21 greed
22 Holds the wheels together
23 ….and the Sultan
24 pithy saying
25 messenger
26 first man?

What do they all have in common ?

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