Quiz – answers

Thank you to everyone who had a go. I got a few answers I did not expect but they were just as good.

Here are mine:

 1 Pangolin like vegetable. Artichoke
2 Too much of this makes you weighty Avoirdupois
3 Uncomfortable round your neck Albatross
4 omen Augury
5 So be it Amen
6 Its empire was over 102 years ago Austro Hungarian
7 Dawn Aurora
8 Friend of Gertrude Stein Alice B Toklas
9 Finder of lost things Anthony st
10 The other book by Milton Aeropagitica
11 The cruellest month April
12. Friend of Louby Loo Andy Pandy
13 She’s got a gun Annie
14 Helen Sharman was the first British female Astronaut
15 Jelly Aspic
16 Wajda Andrzej
17 Persian lamb Astrakhan
18 Sickness on Mount Everest Altitude
19 What Lady Macbeth has too much of Ambition
20 And Ampersand
21 Greed Avarice
22 Holds the wheels together Axle
23 ….and the Sultan Angelique
24 pithy saying axiom, aphorism
25 Messenger angel
26 First man? Adam

Shall I do another one? Let me know.

6 comments on “Quiz – answers

  1. Oh man…
    I spotted the “Quiz – answers” post first but before I’d actually seen any of the answers I went to the “Quiz” post.

    1. Don’t know.
    2. Gravity
    3. Don’t know.
    4. Damien
    5. Amen
    6. Don’t know.

    I skipped down the page a bit here
    12. Friend of Louby Loo – Andy Pandy of course, I mean, who doesn’t know that? Wasn’t it “Looby Loo”?
    She’s got a gun, Helen Sharman, Jelly, And, Greed, Pithy Saying
    I looked at a few of the others and thought to myself, they all start with “A”

    10. There was another book?
    18. “Asphyxia” came to mind.
    26. (Neil) “Armstrong” – First Man being a film I haven’t seen yet but it’s on the list…
    17. Initially I thought “Tagine”, I am still thinking Tagine; maybe that’s what’s for dinner tonight.

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