Tomorrow is an extra day this is an update on Father Tadeusz Kukla

Life Through Basia's Eyes

So I intend to wallow in it.

But this week has been busy too. Two days teaching French at the Guru Nanak School. I surprised myself by how much French I still remember – luckily I still know a bit more than any of the pupils I came across. But two days was enough! A very pleasant school, though the younger kids are very cheeky. Maybe I’m just getting old.

On Tuesday night I went to the theatre. It’s years since I’ve been to the National Theatre – I used to love it when I was a member of Backstage Pass. That was a fabulous programme for teachers and students to be able to go to the theatre very very cheaply. And, as the name suggests, you could also go backstage at times.

In my case it was one of the most life enhancing things I ever did. When I…

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