Uvas de Suerte

Several years ago I wrote about Spain on news EVe before Britain had entered the European Union., which was only composed of a very few countries at the time. Most places were very insular- Spain probably the most. But Franco died eventually and the nation saw the light, which came flooding in in the form ofopeenes and tolerance and exchange of ideas thank goodness. But GB, which was great then, led the way in those days. But now – restictions of all kinds and no more freedom of movement. Heartbreaking.

Life Through Basia's Eyes

Or Lucky Grapes

Happy new year. Or szczęśliwego nowego roku. I am sitting in the tube at the moment and opposite me are a young couple who are having a lovely time. He is teaching her how to say happy new year in Polish. She is having difficulties but is gamely practising. I am inwardly debating whether to wish them shczenshleevehgonovehgorokoo myself. Shades of my father, I think, who would definitely not have missed this opportunity! Well, I did. Miss the opportunity. We just smiled at each other as I left the train.

I regret it now, of course, but that’s the way things are.

Now I’m at the bus station going to Charing Cross Hospital to see a friend who has been laid up for a couple of weeks and is waiting for an op. She slipped on the ice. One of the terrible treacheries of winter.

And I’m…

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