Valentine’s Day 2018

Today I found a notebook my daughter had given me a few years ago and which I used for writing about momentous occasions. Here is my original entry.

We had gone to Zimbabwe Botswana and Namibia for my husband’s 65th birthday.

These photos are from the day before. We were leaving Hwange Nationsl Park to go on a cruise down the Chobe River. I don’t like flying much and I certainly don’t like boats. But it behoved me to try and enjoy it. We had our friend Marta, whose birthday it also was that week, to hold my hand in frightening moments, which she duly did, so I did my best.

This is what I wrote then. It brought it all back to me:

Boat – Zambezi Queen on Chobe River

Namibia to the right of me. Botswana to the left.

Somewhere behind me is Zimbabwe and South Africa even further.

What a day!

6am. Alarm clock

7am. Hot water through the hatch. Good morning, good morning.

8am. Packed and ready. Downpour- go to breakfast hanging on to Jacek’s arm for dear life. Muddy path. One umbrella. Arrive in the lodge soaked and hungry.

Coffee. Two hardboiled eggs. Toast. And off we go!

In a covered car. What a treat. To the airstrip. Elephants and buffalo on the way. And loads of donkeys. Donkeys in Zimbabwe very healthy looking. Donkeys pulling carts=Kalahari Ferrari.

We were subjected to what our driver called an African Massage – a very bumpy drive over potholes.

And then we got to the airstrip. As you can see. What a Valentine’s Day it was.

The boat A story for another day.

2 comments on “Valentine’s Day 2018

    • I hope so -I’ve been three times now and each time was an absolutely extraordinary experience. the first time I really did not want to go – I don’t like flying or boats or animals – but I was totally won over. By the people mainly.
      I need to write about those experiences more – but I am still processing them bit by bit.

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