George Sand has always been a very romantic figure in my imagination. Ever since I was at my boarding school in Ealing, when Mother Mary Dominic swore me to secrecy not to let the other nuns know that I knew, she divulged that Chopin’s lover, that very wicked woman, had actually been a pupil at the school.

Oh the shame of it. A woman who wore trousers, a woman who had extramarital relationships, a woman who wrote trashy novels – all these attributes were the product of the English canonesses at Neuilly.

I think MM Dominic was secretly proud. And I kept her secret within the school for many years. But I was always fascinated by the character and the woman.

So now, as soon as we arrived in Valldemosa where she spent several celibate months with Chopin, we had to make the little pilgrimage to the monastery where they lived.

A less than flattering picture of her. But she was worn out. She wrote her novels during the night and at some point was supporting not only Chopin, but also other writers and her rather wayward daughter
This is the forward by Robert Graves to her book about Majorca. It’s worth reading if you enlarge it
Part two of the forward
In the monastery garden
View from the garden
One of the images around the place of the great pianist
Another view of the garden
A visit to the priest if Valldemosa who is explaining what snow is ( as if we didn’t know already. ( drawing by Maurice Sand with the priest, george, Chopin, Maurice and Solange)
The piano
A view
The garden
An example of George Sand’s writing
View of the cathedral

This cell is a place of pilgrimage for many Chopin lovers – and especially those with a Polish background. I haven’t heard so much Polish spoken in weeks!

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