Split – Vegetation

A somewhat ugly title for the beauty of the plants and flowers present in Croatia in November. Everywhere we went there were flowering plants, olives, fruit trees and amazing palms and cactuses. An extraordinary mixture. Great big aggressive plants together with the most delicate flowers. Autumn being invaded by spring. blossom and ripening fruits. I was thrilled and enthralled.

On our street. not that the pavements are for the exclusive use of cars. pedestrians use the road. Luckily there is a one way system and the drivers know who has priority. Peacocks mainly!
A cat may look at a king.
Peaches and bougainvillea
Lushness of the leaves with telltale signs of watering hoses!
Variety is the spice of life – my cousin’s front garden.
A close up of autumn, after all.
The vine at the entrance to our accommodation
Cactuses. One of them flowered very briefly while we were there.
The cactus flower itself already closing. It had faded by the next day.
What can I say?
Gingko – maidenhair fern
Mandarins – absolutely delicious straight from the tree.
I don’t know what this is – but there was also lots of it in Mallorca when I wnet in September.
They look like little turnips!
And now for some drama!
and here!
Greenery everywhere
Just two of the local peacocks
Stop indeed!

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