Jelly Shoes

for KGK

JELLY SHOES Cobalt Blue - Sun Jellies Delightfully nostalgic accessories
Ugly or what?

I have always detested jelly shoes. So why I am I writing about them? You may well ask. Well, this is my prompt of the day, given by my eldest daughter. I have a feeling she always wanted a pair and this is her way of getting back at me. Or maybe not.

Why do I dislike them? I know they can look quite jolly, but I can think of nothing more uncomfortable, especially on a hot day. Yes, they have their uses. In Spain, I know that in public showers and swimming pools you are supposed to walk around in them in public areas. I suppose they offer some protection against verrucas and suchlike. But then, I’ve never been keen on swimming pools or public showers, I have to admit.

When I was at primary school lots of my friends had them. But I don’t remember coveting them one bit. Not like wanting wellingtons which my mother wouldn’t let me have. She thought they were unhealthy. I thought they might be fun.

The one time I think I would willingly wear jelly shoes is on a hot sandy beach where there is danger of jellyfish. But the older I get the less likely it is that that will happen.

So no- I am not a convert.

Most Popular 1940s Vintage Shoes – Secret of Diva

Give me a nice 1940’s suede shoe any day. Any colour! Thank you.

By the way what do you think of jelly shoes? or even have you ever given them any thought at all?

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