for KGK again

This is today’s challenge. It will be short.

We hardly ever eat soup, but we had guests yesterday and they like soup. I have a very small repertoire, but I know how to make onion soup. But it’s better if you have all the right ingredients. Beef stock seems to be the basis of most recipes. Apart from onions of course. Well, I didn’t have any stock. It’s there for the colour, I think. Not so much for the flavour. That was all right when I tasted the insipid mess I found in the pan.

So then the fun started. We added: Lea and Perrins, soy sauce, brandy, sherry, sugar (a tiny bit), herbs, and finally Maggi. When I was little Maggi was the equivalent of ketchup. you put it into everything if you wanted flavour. Only the Swiss girl in my class knew that apart from me. Her father ran a hotel: their Cookie (the chef) used Maggi in industrial quantities. Everything tasted delicious.

In Poland they still use it in everything. Steak tartare in particular. But in the last few decades I haven’t used it at all. Until yesterday. I found it at the back of a cupboard. A lifesaver. It cancelled all the other additions to the soup and gave it a life all its own. And the right colour. Shame about the MSG. I suppose once in a while it doesn’t hurt!

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