Kasia in a Basket

One of my favourite pictures of all time. This is because it is full of memories.

Our first flat in South Ealing Road.


Kasia is sitting in a basket which belonged to my grandmother who kept all her pots and pans and cutlery in it when I was small. Somehow I inherited it well before I even went to university in 72 and kept it for many years after she died in 1988. This picture was taken in 1982. I no longer have it, however, as my husband threw it out in a rare fit of decluttering. I am glad I still have the photo, as it was a strange shape and size. But it made a good canoe for the baby.

On the bed is a blanket handmade in Granada which I acquired on my year abroad in 1975.

That blanket went with me everywhere – it was warm, colourful and reasonably light. From October to April Spain was very cold – not at all what I was expecting, so it came in very useful. My son has it now, so it was a very good investment.

The furniture and carpet that you can see is not to my taste at all. But we were renting a flat from my godfather – he very kindly suggested it when we had nowhere to stay after we got married – the landlady where we were did not want married people in her bedsits! and now that we had a child I realised why.

Anyway the flat was quite big and convenient but the furniture and furnishings left a lot to be desired. But he wouldn’t let us get rid of anything or change anything because he thought it was all perfect. So we put up with it.

But we did try to make things better. in the photo below you can see my father with Kasia – she’s changed her jumper,I see, if not the rompers. Behind her is a flower stand that Jacek made almost as soon as we moved in.

When we moved out the following year (we’d bought a little house by then) the house was too small for such free standing pieces. So it lived in my father’s garage until last year! I’d totally forgotten about it! But it was very useful.

Behind my father you can see on the shelves quite a lot of our wedding presents. We still have most of them. It’s amazing what memories just two little photos bring.

This is the third time I have tried to finish this post. It was meant to be part of my advent challenge, but I did not succeed entirely. Events took over, as they do, and so I shan’t be trying to write everyday as before. I don’t have the time and no-one has the time to read it all.

Anyway, these little reminiscences are as suitable for the 2nd day of the year as any other day. There will be more to come eventually as I sort out my thousands of photos! I won’t show all of them, I promise.

Happy New Year!

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