My actual new year 2022

Today is the first day I came out of my almost voluntary six week incarceration. Apart from three days over Christmas itself I have spent the last few weeks writing a souvenir ptogramme for the upcoming Golden Jubilee Polish ball. A big event to be held at the London Guildhall so worthy of a nice brochure. I decided I would interview some people and write up their CV inne ions with the Ball and this was the best part of the work. I met some fascinating people, talked to lots of artists and jewellers and designers and then wrote up their profiles.

But as always deadlines produce pressure and I don’t like that. I can do it- but I do get stressed. Anyway it went to print yesterday and now I am looking forward to seeing the finished product.

Yet today I woke up with a wonderful feeling of relief. And emptiness. Nothing hanging over my head. Yippee. Even the the thought of going to the dental hospital couldn’t shake of my liberated mood. Actually it increased it, because it meant I had to go to central London which I always love .

My appointment was at eleven and over by half past. The 22nd floor of Guys hospital tower. Some wonderful views

The Shard on the left. The river in the distance

When I left I walked past a very sculptural wall. I’m never sure if I like it or not.

This hides a lot of engineering.
I rather like the pun
One of the courtyards of Guys Hospital
Close up
Who knew?
The other side of the courtyard
The Shard.

The Shard is a spectacular building. I love it. London Bridge is an area of London I don’t know very well but today’s walk really opened my eyes. We do safely look up. Here you have to. Up and up.

And up

And up .

I retraced my steps a bit because I saw a sign for the Hospital Chapel. I hoped I could get in. I pushed. I entered. The first thing I encountered was some pillars with crocheted sleeves. Why? Looked very jolly but quite strange.

Presumably the little scrolls are petitions to God. But I don’t know.

The ch as owl itself was gorgeous

Mosaic floor. You almost want to make a crossword puzzle!
One of nine panels
One of the stained glass windows
A beautiful frame
The raison d’etre
Thomas Guy’s remains
Read all about it here
The first snowdrop outside.

It was raining now so I went in search of lunch. I went past Keats’ house but it was closed. I had no idea he ever lived here. I also went past the old Operating Theatre museum. Also closed. Just as well as entry is by a steep winding staircase. Not for me. But I would like to see it all the same.

Gateway to the Hospital

And then this cheery sight

A little coffee shop made from a lonfon telephone box
Jolly Bulgarian man happily posed for the picture.

Business wasn’t exactly booming but he said he enjoyed his work. And I didn’t buy a coffee, I’m afraid. ( no toilet facilities)

Vinegar Yard. I noticed the ants first!
A restful little garden
If it hadn’t been raining I would have sat here a while
Street art
Ghost signs. I can’t decipher them but perhaps you can
And then I came across this. Looks new. Looks old. Looks weird. What is it

Eventually I found an explanation

A lovely pun on the area. Shared!

I walked on. Suddenly I came across the most marvellous glass shop. Each of the following works sells at hundreds of pounds. Jewel colours and jewel prices. I had a wonderful time just looking.

I had a wonderful day, I must say. London is so full of these surprises. I love the fact that I can still find so many new and beautiful places!

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