Our first day in Rome was already a hundred times better than the last time we were here about seven or eight years ago. That time was in November, and good only for the new spectacle frames I bought. Hoping for more frames this time too, but not that important.

Anyway we flew in at a civilised time.

View over the Alps. I don’t usually sit by the window so this was exciting for me
And then nearing the airport. The weather is wonderful

We got to our hotel, very near the Tiber and the Vatican and were surprised how spacious and quiet it was. They insisted on seeing our covid passes and made sure we knew we had to wear our masks. Very uncomfortable they are too, the approved ones anyway. My elastic broke almost immediately so found myself breaking the law. Oh dear.

We went for a walk. First we had to find the Tiber. So near and yet so far. I don’t know how you can walk along it. Major highway, it seems right by it, at least where we are. But nothing venture, nothing win. We continued another two minutes and there it was. Castello San Angelo in all it glory.

The Tiber

Very hard to not let my hand shake. The best I could do.

From the other side
Just a small embellishment of the bridge

By this time we were getting thirsty so we walked on. Finally we found a little bar where we had a little rest and a drink. We sat inside. It would have been warmer outside where they heaters! They did not ask for our Covid passes!

By now we were getting hungry. We walked on. And then we saw this lady making pasta.

We had to go in.

They asked for our passes and welcomed us in. It was almost empty when we entered – a young family, some young people, jolly staff and two football screens. Somehow they didn’t matter

Look at all that wine

Somehow we knew the portions would be large. So we had one portion of pasta Cacio e Pepe between us, the most delicious mixed salad which included fennel and radicchio and then came our small plate of suckling pig – to share.

We were very full by then, so needed to go for a walk. As we walked out the street was lined with people queuing to come in. How lucky we were!

On to the Pantheon!

In the square. An antique butchers/sausagemaker
Pantheon from the front.

It’s even more imposing from the back, but we didn’t take a picture

What is this?

And so it was time for a coffee. A dear little pastry shop with outdoor seating I had tea.

I just loved the little leaf handle
Lovely table decoration

And then I went down some amazing blue marble stairs, past some fabulous looking cakes and pastries and came upon this display case:

Full of antique and vintage playing cards!

It was getting late and so we walked home through lots of quaint and crooked little alleys in amongst some very imposing architecture. The Portuguese hotel is a reference point and we need to go back there!

Back in our hotel I wanted some more tea! The bar was closed but the lovely person who was clearing up made us feel we were doing her a favour to keep her company if we stayed for a drink. How could we refuse?

Here she is.

We had the most wonderful evening!

Have you been to Rome? What was special for you?

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