Domestic Discord – American, British & French Support For Ukraine (The Russian Invasion of Ukraine #115)

Europe Between East And West

The most direct way for Ukraine to win the war with Russia is for their military to inflict a decisive defeat on the enemy’s military. While that sounds simple, it is anything but. The complexity of Ukraine’s task has a great deal to do with getting support from its allies. Ukraine enjoys the support of extremely powerful allies, including the United States, Great Britain and to a much lesser extent, France and Germany. This is not to mention its most loyal allies, Poland and the Baltic States. Because of these allies, Ukraine has access to what should be an inexhaustible supply of the world’s most advanced military equipment. NATO also offers training, logistical and intelligence support. Despite or perhaps because of their allies, the question for Ukraine still looms, will this lead to victory? While the military assets that can be made available to Ukraine are vast and seemingly inexhaustible…

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