The Pink Panther

A very old photo: note that the restaurant was licensed!

This used to be the poshest – or perhaps the only posh restaurant – in Sheffield, when I was a student here from 1972 to 1978. This was the restaurant my parents took me to the evening of my graduation ceremony. It wasn’t very good. But it was very special. Although to be absolutely honest I had forgotten all about it.
I’m on my way to Sheffield at the moment to attend my daughter’s hen do. Sheffield seemed like a good place more or less half way between Bolton and London. I’m also very happy because I loved my time there. And although I haven’t been back for many years I still have some friends there.
So when I rang one of them up and suggested that we go out for dinner, he immediately riposted with The Pink Panther.
Sadly it no longer exists. I would happily have gone for the nostalgia. But after 46 years it would be unlikely. I don’t suppose the Himalaya or the Golden Egg or even Uncle Sam’s exist any more. ( I had my first American – important word, that – hamburger there. You had to eat with your hands. Up till then my only encounter with hamburgers were in the Wimpy Bar. There you got a china plate and a knife and fork!)
No, restaurants did not feature greatly in Sheffield life then. Pubs were pubs no food. Though in one, the Beehive, you were

served black pudding on a Friday night. I don’t suppose they do that now, either. I used to love it.
I did however have to learn to cook as eating was always somewhat of a priority! Luckily the markets were excellent.
So, today we are going out to dinner. In the same street as the erstwhile Pink Panther, but I don’t know if in the same place. I shall report back!

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