70th Wedding Anniversary

Today would have been my parents’ seventieth wedding anniversary.

I just found this rather lovely photo of them with their nearest and dearest. From left to right: My father’s eldest brother Gustaw. (36) He looks a lot older Not long after he emigrated to Australia.

My aunt Alice. Here she is 17 and clinging to her mother, my Grandmother Helena. (50) My mother’s mother. Look at their jackets and shoes. And my grandmother’s wonderful hat. Helena made all the bride’s family’s clothes. Next is my mother of course, wearing a grey wool skirt made from a complete circle so that it hangs so beautifully. The rabbit fur jacket I had for a long time but unfortunately it fell to pieces. The shoes again are perfect. She was 23 and one day, here.

Then my father (33), his mother, my Babcia Janina – she’s the oldest person there at 56, but the ravages of war have taken their toll on her, as you can see. At the far right is my godfather, Zbyszek, just 34. He was my father’s best friend.

Such a long time ago. All gone now. They are standing on the steps of the Maria Assumpta Chapel just off High Street Kensington. Note how my parents are standing on the back step, to look taller I presume. They were both not tall, to put it politely. Despite my father’s surname. (Wysoki – it means tall. I couldn’t wait to change it, as many people used to feel honour-bound to call me Niski – short!)

They had a reception in Ognisko Polskie. and then went off to Brighton for a honeymoon night.

Weddings are very much on my mind at the moment. My youngest daughter got married in April and now my eldest is having her wedding next weekend! Exciting times!

3 comments on “70th Wedding Anniversary

  1. Wow fabulous Basiu!!amazing our dads together at uni!!! Me just born & you a year later !!!!… known you forever!!!!xxx love the photo!!!


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