The Long Walk

I went for a walk today. Not just any old walk but the beginning of a 100 mile walk. I have to complete it by the end of March. 31 days. Not too bad. I walk quite slowly. My legs aren’t very long. It should be quite manageable. Yesterday I walked 3.9 miles with no problem at all. But I started the challenge today. I left the house at 2 pm. I came home at 5. How far did I walk? I am almost ashamed to tell you. The grand total of 2.3 miles.

What happened? I decided to explore a local park that I had last been to over 3o years ago. Quite a lot of my mileage was used up looking for it. It’s only a short bus ride from where I live, but even so, I managed to get off at the wrong stop. It was very cold, but I had my gloves and my scarf and felt confident that I would have a lovely meditative time.

I tramped the streets for a few minutes, looking for the signs and eventually came upon some scrubland, a bit of river, lots of detritus and human waste, but also some grassy knolls, a few trees and decided this must be it. there was a path of sorts and even a bench. Civilisation indeed. I couldn’t see the athletics track, or work out where the golf course was, but decided it would find me as I wandered into the distance.

I walked for a few minutes, actually enjoying the darkening clouds, and the cold and the silence. There was one sign of life, a lone magpie hopping about in the distance – (one for sorrow) and eventually I spotted the embodiment of the loneliness of the long distance runner. In the distance. I was still quite enjoying myself , but then the worst happened. I needed to spend a penny. (Isn’t that a wonderful price?)

I didn’t have a penny on me, but neither was there anywhere to go. I looked around me and there was nothing for it but to go back the way I came and take a bus to civilisation or the nearest pub. I turned and began to walk. Fast. For me, anyway. Eyes to the ground, no distractions; get to the bus stop as quickly as possible. Then all of a sudden I was no longer alone. A group of young men were wheeling in noisily on their bicycles, playing loud music on an old fashioned ghetto blaster. I had a moment of pure fear – uncalled for I know – as I had to pass them. They had appropriated the bench, and the path was between it and the murky river. Deep breath, Basia, and scuttle past. Of course they took no notice of me, but by this time I was very uncomfortable. I got on a bus. It wasn’t going where I thought. I waited for another one. Joy of joys, I reached the pub, and enjoyed its facilities.

Now I was cold again and needing tea. I took another bus and went to a cafe. Fortuitously, I met a friend. We went in together. We chatted. We had a lovely time. Then I walked part of the way home.

Thus ends day one of my hundred mile challenge.

I am doing this in honour of my mother and all my friends who have died from cancer . Some of my readers have already sponsored me, which is very kind. I am hoping to do better over the next thirty days. I will report back occasionally.

Here is the link with more information:

Thank you for reading and for your support.

3 comments on “The Long Walk

  1. Basiu, It might not seem that far today but you have 30 more days left. If you walk 3.9 miles each day that will be a total of 120.9 miles.
    Good Luck Basia! I look forward to your exciting adventures. 😘

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