Sharon Jennings

Restoring Our Lady of Walsingham.

It is exactly six years since Sharon went to meet her maker. Not an expression I would normally use, but her faith was her driving force. Everything she did was for the gleaner glory of God – very unusual in this day and age – but she sowed love everywhere. Fiercely intelligent, ferociously clever, her flamboyant personality and fun loving demeanour (all the effs, you notice) belied a supremely kind and gentle wisdom. I adored her from day one. We were both teachers at the same special school. My job was easy. I just taught English with a bit of drama Sharon taught music and RE. Everything she did was from the kinesthetic point of view. She painted and had the children painting. She had an enormous dressing up box in her room. You’d go in to find the class dressed up in feather boas and funny hats, whilst discussing the finer points of eastern religions.

The kids adored her. She gave each of them hand painted candles as birthday presents, or painted glassware for them. She was above all inclusive.

She wrote, composed, and choreographed all the school plays. It was hard sometimes to work with her, because she wrote parts for everyone who wanted to be in it. Then she wrote them out if they changed their minds.

But everyone was welcome- and on the day most kids would be clamouring to be on stage. Was it chaotic? A bit? Was it organised though? Yes. The plays- Odysseus, Silas Marner, amongst others, all had a moral story, but above all they were fun to watch!

Sharon had the gift of making everyone feel special.

Going to dinner parties at her house was always an adventure. Once she had invited a group of dog walkers she had met in the park on her various perambulations. That was quite a feast – for she could also cook very well.

A woman of many parts. Sadly she is no more. She accepted her end with extreme dignity and joy, having organised her funeral mass down to the slightest detail. I miss her.

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