Up to a point, Lord Copper

The inspiration

Maybe that’s a bit of an abstruse connection, but yesterday one of my husband’s dreams came true. It was our 44th wedding anniversary and we decided to escape the Coronation and come to Soller so he could do a course in copper patination.

A few years ago we were in Malaga and happened to wander into an art gallery where there were some beautiful long-stemmed calla lilies made of copper, displaying themselves nonchalantly in a big vase. We looked at each other (my husband and I) and bought the lot.

We brought them back and hung them on our wall where they look splendid.

A while later our youngest daughter came to Soller and found the artist’s shop. a little bit after that we found it too. We went inside. A craving was born. How to make copper go green in a stable way.

We discovered that the artist Carlos Tellechea, originally from Argentina, runs one to one courses. We had to do one. Not we. He. Of course.

Anyway after a lot of dreaming and planning and many telephone calls we finally made it. Yesterday. I went along as translator, but was actually completely redundant. Carlos’ English was decidedly better than the remnants of my Spanish. And what he couldn’t explain he could show.

My husband of course was a very good student. He quite impressed the master!

Master and student!

I loved being there in the workshop too as it was full of interesting objects.

The finished product

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