Vienna holiday 

Not a holiday really. Just a record. Vinyl. Very old. We put it on just now and the memories flooded back. Sitting at home in the purple and yellow living room in Egerton Court putting on record after record and dancing and singing  wildly whenever I was on my own. With the limited choice of records – they were all my stepfather  bachelor state tastes – waltzes, Scheherazade, the Mikado and My Fair Lady – I managed to learn them more or less off by heart. 

I took the Vienna Holiday one to school with me so we could dance after supper in recreation time before bed. Night after night for the first year. Twenty girls of varying ages partnering up and waltzing away. The best exercise ever ! 

But today the record is so scratched and worn it was actually hard to listen to. I looked it up to see if I could buy it. Yes I can. For £175. Perhaps not!  


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