Nuns 1 

MM Clare. Very old. Would look after the boarders at night before matron was installed. She would hang all her necessities on a cord round her waist underneath the top layer of her habit. These included nail clippers, scissors, and an exercise book full of sweet jokes that she had written down to entertain us with; pens, pencils, prayerbook, rosary and possibly lots of other things.

 I remember her as being lovely. Very kind and understanding. She was crying one day and eating sweets at the same time. She explained that she was crying because one of the nuns had died but she was eating sweets – which was very unusual-  as  they had been given three days feasting as a sign of happiness that one of their sisters had surely gone to heaven. 

She herself died very old and it was the first nun’s funeral I had been to. They have a communal unmarked grave somewhere in South Ealing cemetery. I think that is very sad not to be able to be remembered or noticed by passersby. But when I was st the convent the nuns were totally enclosed despite being a teaching order. 

I wonder who else remembers her now? 

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