This plate has a long history.  In the days of ubiquitous cigarette smoking, and most of my family gave factory chimneys a run for their money, the tobacco firms hit upon a scheme to further their interests and give smokers a chance to buy even more cigarettes. They gave out coupons redeemable for household goods.  And what a success they were. One grandmother collected for bed linen, and very fine it was too. I remember her look of joy when the parcel arrived. What percentage of her lungs it cost her I don’t know. But it was as if she’d won a prize. And we enjoyed it with her. 

My mother on the other hand loved china. And so she collected plates. And bowls. And side plates. And serving bowls. And platters. This must have been in the seventies. We had everything in this particular set. It was pretty. And long lasting. 

After my mother died, eleven years ago – of lung cancer, as it happens, some of the china remained. My husband didn’t like it, so my aunt took it. And it has remained in Moonbeams Cottage till today. And now it is going to yet another good home. To Bagshot, no less. Enjoy, Andrzej! 

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