Sparked by joy – or not, as the case may be.

At home, trying to keep busy and not think about the reasons for being at home and trying to keep busy.

A few days ago this piece of embroidery fell out of its ancient plastic bag in the cupboard where I had been hoarding it since we moved in in 1986, and demanded to be finished. What a good idea, I thought. I had started it in 1976 – I can remember going with my mother to one of the Oxford Street department stores after I left university, and choosing the canvas and the wools and her paying a great deal of money for the whole caboodle. It was – is – a big canvas and I took it with me everywhere I went for a long time. Until I had children, in fact, when time suddenly became a premium. Nevertheless I put it aside and thought I would finish it some day.

Well, some day came yesterday. I took it out of its bags, laid it out, found a section I could work on relatively quickly and them came the Eureka moment, the crossing of the Rubicon, the epiphany , – I had run out of one of the wools and cannot match it, even with the wonders of the internet.

So yes. ” Eureka!” I said to myself. “You know what. I am not going to finish this. Ever. For three reasons at least. One – I haven’t got the wool; two what on earth would I do with it if I ever did finish it? and three?

Three . I don’t like the pattern. I really don’t like the colours. I just don’t like it.”

So, having sorted it all out in my mind and channelling my inner Marie Kondo, I have decided to ditch forty-four years of embroidery. Unlike Penelope, I do not need to unpick it and start again as my personal Odysseus is safe and sound at home.

What I will do, though, is buy another one which hopefully I shall enjoy.

Please, if anyone out there would like to relieve me of this oeuvre – enough is completed so it would actually make quite a good sized cushion cover, if you like the tastes of the seventies; then let me know. It will be winging its way to you in a jiffy (bag!)

I went to Italy and had to buy some needles – 1976.

7 comments on “Sparked by joy – or not, as the case may be.

  1. I remember my Babcia teaching me to embroider…I wasn’t that good at it, but I loved needlepoint and knitting 🙂 Glad you have found someone who wants your incomplete oeuvre and that you will be starting another one…


  2. Not really my cup of teas, Basia. And, anyway, I’ve baked my first pie, sorted out my photos and am now trying to get an agent for my novel. I did, though, used to tailor my own clothes when I was younger. Those were the days!”

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    • Embroidery is very calming. you have to concentrate, but not think. so you relax. the other thing I find is watching thrillers. im on the edge of my seat, hand in mouth, hardly breathing – but not worrying about anything!

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