Memento of Momentous Moments 1

What’s with the alliteration? Well sometimes you just want to play. when things suddenly go well., then all sorts of things loosen up. Language, laughter, life. Oops! Here I go again.

Last week was one that I shall never forget. Friday 18th June was pleasant enough in an anticipatory sort of way because the next day we were going to formally celebrate our youngest daughter’s engagement. I say formally, because she got engaged nine months ago to her long standing boyfriend whom she met almost ten years ago, when at University. We like him very much and his family, but because of Covid etc we could never meet up in a whole family group before. There were going to be ten of us: my husband and I, youngest daughter Marysia, and fiance Alex, his mother, and uncle, his brother, sister-in-law and nephew. And also our son who had not in fact met anyone except for Alex before.

They had hired the back yard of the local pub, and we were all gathered, and the bubbles were beginning to flow. Very nice. But I needed to go to the loo and suddenly my son said I’ll show you where. I was a bit mystified as I can usually find my own way to these places, but I thought how nice – maybe he wants to talk to me about something. Anyway, he pointed me in the right direction and I half noticed him leaving the pub. I didn’t think anything of it, but was a bit surprised again when he said he’d walk me back to the party. Which he did. A drink was put into my hand and I was about to settle down with a menu when a couple walked into our area. I looked up and this woman rushed up to me with a big grin on her face. Who was she? My eldest daughter! I was so taken aback. I think I probably screamed. A couple of weeks previously I had suffered a bitter disappointment when she was yet again stopped from coming down to London because of Covid difficulties in Bolton where she lives. I had no idea she had been invited let alone that was going to be here. So I didn’t recognise her or her fiance – they had also got engaged last year! My joy was immense. By then it wasn’t just the champagne that was flowing but my tears as well. I couldn’t believe it. My three children, their partners and family all in one room at the same time. A first indeed!

Here we are all together. I’ve stopped crying thank goodness.
Do we look happy? First born!
My youngest – the organiser – and I.
Middleborn – I then found out the reason he had run out of the pub.

He had found out that Kasia and Terry were in the vicinity and he was warning them not to come in before I had returned from my ablutions. So clever and thoughtful!

Faceblindness is an appallingly embarrassing condition – I sometimes don’t recognise people I am expecting to see – and the odd thing is it comes and goes. I never had any real problems as a teacher, even though the children would often look quite similar, especially when wearing uniform.

But this was a most marvellous surprise – they had all kept their secret well. The day has to rank in the top ten days of my life.

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