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Jumping on the bandwagon I said I’d show some doors. I didn’t have far to go because these are all the doors in our little cottage in Cookham

This is our front door or maybe back door. Depends how you look at the cottage. Definitely kitchen door. Made from vintage stained glass which we bought a few years ago. This piece is made from two windows which my husband reset and then triple glazed.

A handmade wardrobe door. Note that it is inset. Then two original doors from the cottage which was built in1934.

The other bedroom wardrobe. Similar to the one above. But this time the edge of the wardrobe door overlaps the frame. I prefer this one.

Little cupboard doors to the bridge. For wine. And dvd equipment.

New oak wardrobe doors in the making.

Garden door. This used to be the front door.

We also have several doorways where we’ve taken out the doors.

Don’t get me started on the windows!

Doors have always been important to folk wisdom.

When one door closes another opens.

Don’t shut the door to your future.

A good education opens doors.

Etc etc

This time of pandemic and lockdown all doors seemed to be shut. We seemed to live in many ways behind prison doors. Now that things are a little easier I think we are still wary of pushing the doors too far in case they fall back on us again. Who knows?

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