Auntie Alice

Mother-in-law, first-born, mother, third-born, me (I), mother’s little sister.

The above photo is all the women in the family in about 1999. the end of the last century. It is one of my favourite photos taken in my mother’s flat. My mother’s little sister was 63 then – today Auntie Alice would have been 85. 85!!! I find it really hard to imagine. Here we are all wearing black in subconscious honour of my mother who always said that everyone looks better in black. And the older I get the more inclined I am to believe her, though I am fighting against it!

Anyway, Happy birthday, Alice. I miss you – you were always such fun.


Here you are,in your jolly red boots, lacy tights, glass of champagne and very long cigarette in your hand, desperately trying to ignore the mess behind you. We had moved into our present house the November before and this was probably February. Many years later you were kind enough to leave us your gorgeous little cottage. But at the time of this image, you were still going to leave it to the local cat’s home. Or so you said. And I believed you.

Carol singing

This was a very rare occasion. Christmas time 1992 I think. we spent the evening singing Christmas Carols. What a cacophony, as none of us could sing. But I remember it as a very joyous evening. My godfather played the violin, and we all sang our hearts out. That was possibly the last time he played.

This was meant to be a happy jolly sort of post but actually I feel quite sad. So many people are no longer with us. You’ve been gone ten years, Ciocia dear. But your spirit lives on. Happy birthday, again!

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