The Mallorca Files. Reimagined .

Here you can sing in the sunshine

I like being a tourist and doing touristy things. I don’t go as far as wearing a kissmequick hat, but I like to see the sights and take the photos. Most of all I like quirky forms of transport. This holiday has been no exception. Now that we’ve settled in to our charming hotel, we thought we’d go a bit further afield ….

A couple of years ago we were in Malaga and happened to see some beautiful objects in a very arty shop. We excitedly bought some very beautiful oversized brass and turquoise coloured spoons and we’re thrilled to hang them above our fireplace at home. Then I looked more closely and saw they were in fact Calla lilies. Top marks for observation, Basia. Anyway, they are beautiful. And I remembered the artist was based in Majorca. But I couldn’t remember where. Luckily I have a daughter who knows. She’d been to the island and had actually come across the artists shop herself. But where was it. Thank goodness for the internet. She sent a photograph of the shop over the ether and it was in Soller. Fabulous. We took a taxi from Palma and were soon in a very narrow street shaded delightfully with colourful umbrellas. We walked in and found lots and lots of beautiful objects.

Oh for a little snail

Aladdin’s cave of sculptures, jewellery and a little gallery.

For those with too much cutlery

The artist was tantalisingly on the other side of the wall; but his bodyguard- or shop assistant- the beautiful Ela – would not countenance us meeting him.

And that was that. But she did say he would get in touch.

One end of the gallery
We have five of these lilies

In the end we bought a little something and went in search of lunch.

The shop front

Now Soller is lovely but very, very crowded. We found ourselves in the main square, chose a cafe at random and proceeded to eat extremely well. As we were eating , the rumble of the Soller tram made us look up a number of times. Old wooden carriages, on ancient tramlines. Of course we had to have a ride. Especially as they figured heavily in a TV programme I had managed to get addicted to recently -The Mallorca Files

Isn’t it romantic?

So we finished our meal and ran to find the stop by the Cathedral. Suddenly we heard panting and fast footsteps. A yellow paper bag was being waved in front of us. Excuse me, you have forgotten this… another minor miracle: or my Carlos Tellichea artefact would have been lost forever. Profuse in our thanks we hopped on to the tram. I say hopped but in my case I had to be hauled on, the step was so high.
We tried to get OAP tickets but nothing doing!

The journey itself was delightful as we rattled towards the Port of Soller. We clambered down, went for a glass of wine and clambered aboard again. All great fun. And the flowers on the way were intoxicating.

Stunning colours

Oleanders. Bougainvillea. Morning Glory. Bamboos. Lemon trees. Palms. Cypresses. And olives. Olive groves everywhere.

Back in Soller we had to find a taxi to take us back to Palma. Efficient. But not nearly as much fun as the tram-train.

10 comments on “The Mallorca Files. Reimagined .

  1. Tell me more of these beautiful oversized bras.
    Yes, I had to read it twice, I think that actually says much more about me that I’d be willing to admit… 😀
    Nice trams.


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