Santa Lucia

A few years ago we went to Copenhagen for the Christmas markets, which were decidedly disappointing. I have written a little about the trip here

But yesterday was Saint Lucy’s Day, and in Scandinavia it is a very special day. And so it was when we went. It happened to be a Sunday that day and so we went to church. It was a gloomy little church but once the organ started playing and a procession of little girls came in with their long white dresses and candles in their hair – ooooh, health and safety, with the tune of the hymn to Santa Lucia playing and the nuns warbling and the congregation all trying to take photos of their particular girls – it was a very moving experience.

It was also very funny because one of the most ancient of nuns who was looking after the girls, looked as if she herself was about to set their hair on fire, as she fussed and cajoled and adjusted. The girls themselves , between the ages of 8 and thirteen, I suppose, looked very nonchalant and giggly.

It was all rather lovely. unfortunately we didn’t take any snaps, but here are some random ones from that trip. It was freezing cold and beautifully sunny!

Happy Namesday to all those Lucys out there.

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