Half a sixpence

I7th December 1980 (I think)

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When I was very small my godfather Reggie and his wife Jean used to take me to the pantomime at the London Palladium. When they realised I didn’t like it very much they began to take me to other shows, always Jean’s choice and always as near to the front row as possible. Embarrassing.

Jean was very stage struck and liked people such as Sacha Distel and Frankie Vaughan amongst others. I’m afraid to say I could still take it or leave it but we would go out to dinner first, which was nice: at the Strand Palace Hotel usually and I would eat as much as I could, whilst trying not to listen to his good advice.

I wasn’t a nice child.

But nevertheless they continued to take me out every year, and eventually the plays got better and I was genuinely more grateful. Then I got married and they didn’t stop the annual treat. The first show my husband remembers, which we both really enjoyed was Tommy Steele in Half a Sixpence . Great story, great foot tapping music, great seats.

A super evening made even more memorable because it was Tommy Steele’s birthday and we all stood up to sing Happy Birthday to him. December 17th. I’ve never forgotten the date! So happy birthday too to all my actual friends who share this birthday. Beatrice. Ian. Jane. Nic

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