Little blue car

6 years ago I was working in a school on a Saturday – which reminds me – they never paid me for that day.- Ah well, never mind. My phone was lighting up and I noticed it, unusually for me, and answered it and somewhat regretted it, straightaway. It was my husband, excitement in his voice. Guess what! I’ve got a surprise for you. You did want to go on a motoring holiday to Italy, didnt you? Well, now we can go. I’ve bought a car!”

Now, I dont like spending large sums of money. I’m more a pound shop sort of person. But what can you do? The deed was done. To be fair I had had some warning, but I didn’t really want to take it in. Apparently I had agreed whilst my head was buried in the sand, so now I had to live with the consequences.

Well, it’s a lovely colour, but oh so dificult to get in and out of. But I’ve managed for six years and I daresay I could manage a bit longer. I am in fact a little sad it’s leaving us.

We did go to Italy – fat lot of good the car did me here!

But today it was going to be sold – we are taking possession of a new electric car tomorrow. Bigger, more comfortable, more enviromentally friendly. What’s not to like? I won’t go there just now. As I said, I’m not good at spending. Thugh of course I do eventually enjoy the fruits later. And no doubt I will again.

So today he drove off ready to hand over to a dealer in exchange for some hard cash. I rather hoped it would be in used fivers in a brown paper bag, but apparently that’s not really allowed any more. Bank transfers seem to be the modern way.

Unfortunately the dealer decided that he would give Β£1000 less. So the deal was not done and the car came back to the garage.

Tomorrow is another (busy) day.

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