National Holocaust Remembrance Day 27th January 2022

Lili Stern-Pohlmann MBE 29 March 1930 – 15 September 2021


This is the last photo that Lili sent to me the Christmas before she died.

Lili was a Holocaust survivor whose history is well documented. it is well worth clicking on this link:

She died suddenly last September and there is now a great hole in the Polish community – she was the great bridge between the Christian and Jewish communities. She never forgot that she owed her life to Christians and and worked very hard to keep the memory of the Holocaust alive. She spoke tirelessly at meetings and in radio and tv interviews about her own extraordinary experiences and those of who did not survive. She was always cheerful and optimistic, whilst never forgetting about the past. She certainly had the gift of communication with young and old and never ever missed a party!

Here we are at the 95th birthday party of another survivor, Marzenna Schejbal (RIP 24/12/2021 – More on her soon)

As I said, Lili was a very special person. Some of you may remember I have written before about the important work she did to disseminate knowledge about the holocaust, its horrors and its miracles.

This is the link to the extremely moving and informative show she promoted two years ago, about Jan Karski, who infiltrated Auschwitz and tried to let the world know at the time. Unfortunately he was not listened to.

We need to listen and remember now. To honour all those who died at the time and those who survived and lived to tell the tale.

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