Happy Birthday, Maja!


Maja is my one of my oldest and best friends. I have known her since September 1965 when she started going to my school. I knew her father before then, as he worked with my mum, and her brother, Tom, and I knew of her- but had never met her until she started at my school. I knew who she was the moment I saw her at the front door of St Augustine’s. New girls and boarders used the front door. I was a boarder. I was also expecting her.

STO LAT I wonder what happened to the man we terrorised into taking the picture?

She smiled at me. I took to her straight away. We had a lot in common. Years later, when I was in the sixth form, and still a boarder, I was allowed to go to her house and stay the night whenever I liked. It was wonderful.

Happy birthday

Moving in a year or two. She’s at teacher training college in Worcester. I go with her and her mum to install her. I was bereft we were no longer together. But…

Several parties and a couple of years later we go to Paris together. What a week that was. We discovered that we got on very well indeed. Thank goodness. We were living in her aunt’s gorgeous but very tiny flat. We even managed to invite guests over!

Fast forward to 1978. I’m living in her house. Renting a bed sit upstairs.


Downstairs in her old room is her cousin. He comes to my birthday party.

Chinese Pagoda

Then I get married. To him . She is witness at both weddings. Godmother officially to our first child. Unofficially to all of them.

Silver birches

My best friend. Wonderful woman. Will this embarrass her? I hope not too much.

A couple of weeks ago she had a pre special number birthday part in Kew Gardens. She gathered four of her best friends to drink a not very surreptitious but possibly illegal glass of Prosecco in Kew Gardens to celebrate this special occasion. The day was special to all five of us as not only do we love Maja but we all like each other very much too. I think thst is very special. Maja is a catalyst for friendship .

Japanese Garden

We had a lovely day, as you can imagine.

So. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Maja. STO LAT. lots more occasions please. You live too far away but we all appreciate you when we see you.

The Hive

Just a brief run-through of our connections. There’s bookloads more. But meanwhile…. Happy birthday yet again! Have a wonderful day!

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