We planted this Camellia over thirty years ago. We chose it because it was supposed to be winter flowering. Our garden in London is tiny and north facing and we thought it would cheer us up.

Well, it definitely had a mind of its own. The first few years produced a few desultory blooms and then the squirrels discovered that the buds were extremely tasty. Some years the frost got to it and everything drooped and dropped. And then one year our cleaning lady, who also did the garden out of love for it, decided to prune it.

It looked terrible but she was very pleased with herself. Last year nothing. And then two or three days ago we were greeted with this exuberant display.

I am thrilled.

The sad thing about camellias is, however, that they fade in an ugly way. Roses look lovely at every stage, whereas camellias go a dIrtysh brown.

Still, you can’t have everything, and I am absolutely delighted.

2 comments on “Camellias

  1. We have a large Camellia bush and I have to admit that in full flower it does look good but right now the blooms are, as you observe, a dusky pink/mucky brown colour and soon will be all over the ground…
    Yours looks about the right size. I pruned ours quite severely last year but it all came back again 😀

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