Zakopane FIS 1962

I have had this scarf for sixty years. It is one of my oldest and most treasured possessions. But it was not until today that I thought to investigate the writing on it.

Thank goodness for the Internet. I discovered that in 1962 there were international skiing championships in Poland. This is what Wikipedia has to say about it

.The FIS Nordic World Ski Championships 1962 took place February 18–25, 1962 in Zakopane, Poland. Zakopane became the second city to host the world championships three times (1929, 1939), joining Lahti, Finland (1926, 1938, and 1958). Women’s 5 km and the ski jumping individual normal hill made their event debuts at these championships.

I had no idea. I was given the scarf when I was on holiday in Wales, staying with my mother’s school friends and their daughters. I did that most holidays as my mother worked and there was I suppose no one to look after me. I absolutely loved it – I’ve written about it before, – the place was idyllic for a small child if not for the adults.

I seem to remember a cousin of theirs coming over from Poland and presumably she gave me this little cotton bandanna. I am sure the other girls got one too. What I can’t remember is if theirs were the same colour.

I took it everywhere with me. I wore it a lot especially when I lived in Spain in 1974-5 and had extremely short hair.

I don’t think I’ve worn it since but it has always been in my scarf drawer, and even though I do a periodic clear out, this is one of about ten scarves that always remains. A strange sentimental attachment, I suppose.

I wonder if anyone else has one like it?

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