Mothering Sunday 2022

Grażynka Łomnicka Wysoki Seydlitz

I had a lovely day today. We went to my youngest daughter’s for a delicious lunch, made by her fiancé – husband to be in two weeks, eek, and accompanied by his mother and uncle and my son. The only person I was sad was not there, was my eldest daughter, but she’s just moved into her first own home. Good enough reason.

All in all a fantastic lunch, lovely company, lovely presents, what more could I want?.

And I don’t want any more. At all. But it did of course make me think of my own mother and godmother and mother in law. I love them all and am sad that I cannot be with them more. My mother and aunt because they are no longer with us, and Mother in law because she is too frail to travel from Poland. But such is life and I am happy I can still make memories with my own children.

Here is an usual photo of all the women I love most in my life , all together in 1999, I think. So last century!

From the left: Mother in law, Krystyna; first born, Kasia; mother, Grażyna; autumn leaf: Marysia; me; aunt and godmother: Alina

Art by Irena Wiśniewska Dembowska

Happy Mother’s Day!

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