Mallorca 2022

Wednesday. And we’re off again. Is there anything more stressful than packing on a hot day to go somewhere even hotter. Luckily there is lots of time and I actually did most of my own packing yesterday.

Work expands to fit the time available so I spent all day, running! Up and down the stairs, choosing, sorting, deliberating. Very frustrating work because I don’t have any clothes. Not ones I want to wear anyway. Nothing that will make me look tall, thin and blonde.

Finally I closed my case, squeezing in as many books as possible, and putting all my cosmetics, more books and dresses in a pile ready for Jacek to pack into the BIG case.

This morning the fun started. Jacek was packing his little case and then the big one. He’s very organised so I was not perturbed in any way until he couldn’t find his favourite shirt. Yesterday he had to go back to Cookham for his sandals. Was he going to have to go back today to get his shirt. His nicest shirt, I have to say. Not the only one he possesses, you will be glad to hear, but the one I like the best.

He didn’t go back to Cookham. I texted our lovely dry cleaner and ironing saint, but he declared it wasn’t in his establishment. We searched the house high and low, but nothing. Where can it be?

We still don’t know and had to give up the search. Where’s

st Anthony when you need him?

All this took some time. Eventually we were packed. Or so we thought. Open, close, open, close, went the suitcase.

What time is the bus? We sort of eorked it out. We got to the bus stop just as the bus was leaving.

We waited for the next one. Very tense moments as we waited and waited.

Plan b. Jacek would get in the first train if necessary and I would follow on the next. That way we would have an outside chance to drop off our big case.

And so it came to pass. Jacek got on the train. I mentally waved him bye bye. I got out of the lift and was prepared for half an hous wait. But no. The train – lovely lovely Elizabeth line – waited for me.

And so I got on.

Jacek and I were reunited like long lost lovers with each other and all our luggage somewhere between West Ealing and Hanwell.

So now we’re actually on our plane. Masks on. Remember those? And almost ready for an actually holiday.

Part 2 to follow.

5 comments on “Mallorca 2022

  1. Your blog really made me laugh today, the packing in the heat to go somewhere hotter started me off 🤣🤣then the not having any clothes bit! You always look fabulous in your blog pictures and I’m sure you will continue in epic style on holiday. If not, who cares?! Have a great trip! x


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