Mallorca. Again.

Our plane was delayed. We had sat in it for an hour before it moved off. Then it did. Fast. Up and down. Too much turbulence for me.

The view over Spain Note the lovely shapes

We were in business class. I was looking forward to my delicious meal. Instead we got something they called afternoon tea. But no tea. Little stale sandwiches. A tiny pot of jam. A teeny weeny pot of clotted cream. And eventually a rather nice scone. But no tea. I needed tea. Proper tea. In a pot. And in a cup. I could have asked for a tea bag in a paper cup. But it’s not the same.

Oh. And there was also a piece of very sickly cake.

So having overdosed on sugar we waited for the plane to land. And it did. We played the waiting game a while longer while they looked for the stairs attachment.

Another look out of the window

Finally we were off. To wait some more in the baggage hall. But Mallorca is magical in that it lets British passports through its machines. Then you have to have it stamped. It takes only seconds. But they do still check your covid pass. Maybe it makes sense.

Luckily our taxi was waiting and drove us to our hotel. About an hour I think. We were ravenous when we got there

We were greeted with a glass of champagne (cava) but better than most. Receptionists were mostly Polish. That was a surprise.

One led us to our room – she got us lost – it was her second day – and then we looked inside . Not what we had booked!

Nice. But not quite right. It was too late to do very much about it, so we agreed to leave it till morning. We went out.

The evening was very warm. We found our way to the bay and dived into the first restaurant we saw. An enormous tank full of lobsters obscured the tables but when we sat down we had a beautiful view of the bay. Finally we could relax!

This morning after a delicious breakfast we broached the subject of the room again. The receptionist was very amenable but no change. He did say he would arrange for a sofa to be put in. It still hasn’t arrived! I need a sofa. Jacek likes an afternoon nap. He needs the whole of the enormous bed for this. I like to relax on a sofa. There was a sofa in the picture with our booking. Ho hum. I am sitting in a not so comfy armchair with my legs over an arm. Not ideal!

But we went for a walk.

Found the bay. And the marina. Lots and lots of yachts and sailing boats.

The day was getting very hot. We needed to find a cold drink fast. Luckily it wasn’t too onerous a search. We sat down. Took in some liquid and the view!

And then we went for lunch. Lunch is often the high point of our day. Today deservedly so. Look!

Lobster and saffron rice.

What a treat. Trouble was it was very hard to eat tidily. We didn’t manage. So the saga of the shirts continues. One white linen shirt has now to be laundered asap. Luckily Spain has a fantastic reputation for its laundry services so I hope the hotel will come up with the goods.

This reminds me of my wayward past!

When I lived in Salamanca as a student on my year abroad, I rented a room in a flat together with a fellow student. There were 7 rooms in the flat six of which were rented. We had one bathroom, one kitchen and one cooker for all fourteen of us. We were not allowed to do laundry. The landlady did it all. I have never had such clean and well pressed clothes in all my life.

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