Valentine’s Day 2023

St Valentine has a lot to answer for. It’s the day before my husband’s birthday – as always – and as always he wants to escape. This year he- my husband- will be seventy – and so we decided to go for a few days to Lisbon. The celebrations had already started in Poland and in London with a few friends and will culminate with the family and more friends when we get back. Meanwhile, here we are in this delightfully quirky city, and this morning we went for a little walk. Let me share a little bit of it with you.

The streets are paved with hearts. At least this bit of one was.

When we came the first time in 2014 there were many more tiled exteriors. Today they were not as ubiquitous but still a delight to find.

Could this be a restaurant, do you think?
Valves no more than three inches tall apparently they are called vacuum tubes. No idea. But pleasing to look at.

We passed a little electrical/ electronics shop. Fascinating patterns that the objects made .

These 3d tiles were advertising a shop for baby clothes!

Amazing 1930s lamps
The ironwork is marvellous but the lamps look like enormous monstrances.

We walked for a while just pottering in and out of little shops. We left the tea towels and oven gloves for another day but then we were desperately tempted inside a beautiful antique shop. If we make a decision- and I think we will, I will show you some other time.

Meanwhile we needed a coffee. But we found a little museum instead. More of that another time too. Eventually we got to a little park. With a cafe. Perfect.

Enviable fountain
What is this tree? I’ve not come across this abundance of seeds presumably before

All around the paths were these commemorations depicted in the cobbles

This derelict building seemed to be quite politically motivated. I think luta means struggle. Again there is not as much graffiti or street art as there has been on previous visits.

A refectory sign
Can you see the yellow flowers. What are they?
Some colour
A very relaxed crab

Finally we got to the river and went for lunch. We did not eat the crab.

The view from the restaurant.

We had a wonderful morning and lunch but it was exhausting.

More soon.

10 comments on “Valentine’s Day 2023

  1. Happy Valentines Day and Happy Birthday to your husband tomorrow. I have happy memories of a weekend break in Lisbon except David lost his wedding ring in a very hectic and messy seafood restaurant.. never to be seen again.. probably cleared away with the rubbish. I hope you have more luck!

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