The Medeiros Almeida Museum. Lisbon

Serendipity is a marvellous thing. We walked and walked yesterday in search of a cafe. Lisbon is all uphill when you are thirsty. But buoyed by Valentine’s Day atmosphere – did I mention the breakfast celebrations a whole family had yesterday in the hotel? Flowers for the ladies, mother and grandma, chocolates and gifts for the children, all in lurid pinks and reds, and something similarly garish for the father. I sound disparaging, but it was actually very sweet – they were all so delighted.

Speaking of breakfast, today we were delighted by a birthday surprise for my husband. The waiter arrived bearing a huge plate of little pasteis de nata. Happy birthday.

He’s already eaten one by the time I took the photo

Anyway. Back to yesterday. We suddenly came across a very pretty building with the magic word museu attached to it. Let’s go, said I. It’s bound to have a cafe inside. We went in. It didn’t. But we paid our six euros and were absolutely entranced.

No cafe inside

A more eclectic collection would be hard to find. 27 rooms of beautiful objects beautifully displayed. Here are a few pictures.

Centuries of mugs
The whole installation
Fierce faces
I’d like one of these for riding round Cookham
A baroque pulpit
Incredible ceiling
One of the most moving carvings
And another on the same theme
A mirror. I didn’t realise when I took the photo
The fountain room
More tiles
I think he is trying to get away
An elegant room
These candlesticks would not look out of place at home
Tiles again
This stained glass looks almost modern
Let’s not forget that Portugal was a colonial country too
About the museum
About the museum 2
About the museum 3
About the museum 4

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